Headwaters’ Corporate Governance policies and processes affect the way we administer, direct, and control our day-to-day operations and business. Our Corporate Governance also includes the relationships among the many stakeholders involved, and the goals for which the corporation is governed.

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Board of Directors


Kirk A. Benson

Kirk A. Benson

Kirk A. Benson has served as a Director of Headwaters since January 1999 and as Chairman and CEO since April 1999. Mr. Benson was Senior Vice President of Foundation Health Systems, Inc., one of the nation’s largest publicly traded managed healthcare companies. Mr. Benson was with Foundation Health Systems and its predecessors for approximately ten years, holding various positions including president and chief operating officer for commercial operations, general counsel, and senior vice president for development with responsibility for merger and acquisition activity. He also holds a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Denver, and a Master of Accountancy and Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University.

R. Sam Christensen

R Sam Christensen

R Sam Christensen has served as a Director of Headwaters since January 2003. Since 1996, Mr. Christensen has spent the majority of his time managing BBV, LLC and Black Bear Ventures LLC, both of which are private investment firms, and evaluating new business opportunities. Prior to 1996, Mr. Christensen was Chairman and majority owner of Richmond Holdings, Inc., a privately-held corporation engaged in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling flexible packaging materials and static control devices worldwide to the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Richmond Holdings, Inc. was subsequently sold to a publicly-traded firm in 1996. Mr. Christensen began his career as an auditor with the firm of Touche Ross & Co. where, he spent nearly ten years. His final assignment, before resigning, was managing their Salt Lake City office and its audit and tax practice. Mr. Christensen earned a B.S. degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University in 1972.

Malyn K. Malquist

Malyn K. Malquist has served as a Director of Headwaters since January 2003. Mr. Malquist worked for Avista Corp., an energy utility in the Pacific Northwest, from September 2002 through March 2009, and served as the Chief Financial Officer for almost six years. Mr. Malquist has 30 years of experience in the utility industry, many of which were in financial leadership positions. Mr. Malquist worked for the Truckee Meadows Water Authority from February 2001 until September 2002, serving as its General Manager. Mr. Malquist was CEO of Data Engines, a high tech start-up company from May 2000 through October 2000. Mr. Malquist was employed by Sierra Pacific Resources from 1994 through April 2000, initially as its Chief Financial Officer, and later as President, CEO and board member. Mr. Malquist worked for San Diego Gas and Electric from 1978 through 1994 in a variety of financial positions, including Vice President-Finance and Treasurer. Mr. Malquist became a director of TC Pipelines LP in 2011 and currently serves as chairman of the Audit Committee of that company.  Mr. Malquist received BA and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University.

Blake O. Fisher, Jr.

Blake O. Fisher, Jr. has served as a Director of Headwaters since November 2004. From May 2004 through 2008 Mr. Fisher was involved in management and financial consulting to the telecommunications and utility industries including providing consultation to the Rural Utilities Service’s broadband program. From May 2004 until December 2004 he served as chief financial officer for Fiber Utilities of Iowa, an entity that provides operation and construction services to municipal utilities. In May 2002, Mr. Fisher retired from McLeod USA, a telecommunications provider. From February 1996 to May 2002, he held senior management positions with McLeod USA, initially as Chief Financial Officer, then President of the company’s Western region and as Chief Development Officer. From 1991 until February 1996, Mr. Fisher was Chief Financial Officer of IES Industries, an energy holding company. Prior to that, Mr. Fisher spent 23 years in several management positions with Consumer Power Company, headquartered in Michigan. Mr. Fisher received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan. Mr. Fisher became a director of inContact, Inc. in 2004 and currently serves as chairman of the Audit Committee and is also on the Governance and Compensation Committees of that company.

James A. Herickhoff 

James A. Herickhoff has served as a Director of Headwaters since August 1997 and was elected Vice Chairman in April 1999. Mr. Herickhoff is the Chief Executive Officer, President and a Principal of American Talc Company, the second largest producer of talc products in the United States. Mr. Herickhoff has served as an officer of this company or its predecessor since 2000. From 1987 to 1994, he served as President of Atlantic Richfield Company’s (ARCO’s) Thunder Basin Coal Company. Mr. Herickhoff has over 30 years of experience in the coal and mining industries and extensive experience in strategic positioning of these companies for long-term growth and competitiveness. Mr. Herickhoff led the growth of the Black Thunder and Coal Creek coal mines from 19 million to approximately 40 million tons per year of production. Mr. Herickhoff previously served as President of Mountain Coal Company, managing all of ARCO’s underground mining and preparation plants. Mr. Herickhoff is the past President of the Wyoming Mining Association and a former Board member of the Colorado and Utah Mining Associations. Mr. Herickhoff received a Bachelor degree in 1964 from St. John’s University, a Master of Science degree in 1966 from St. Cloud State University and attended the Kellogg Executive Management Institute at Northwestern University in 1986.


Sylvia Summers

Sylvia Summers has served as a Director of Headwaters since January 2013. Ms. Summers has worked in the high tech industry for 35 years, where she held a variety of management positions in research and development, operations, and marketing while residing both in Europe and the U.S. and managing large teams in Asia, in particular Greater China and Japan. For the last 18 years, she has been in charge of large operations for such companies as Cisco, Spansion and Trident Microsystems. During the past 12 years, Ms. Summers has served on the Boards of four U.S. public companies, where she was a member of various audit, compensation, governance, and mergers and acquisitions committees. Ms. Summers has dual French and U.S. citizenship and is fluent in French and English. Ms. Summers received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique Feminine (France) in 1976, an M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1977, and an M.B.A. degree from Thomson CSF (France) in 1988.



Thomas N. Chieffe

Thomas Chieffe has served as a director of Headwaters since October 2014. Mr. Chieffe has over 20 years of building products experience and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RSI Cabinets, a division of RSI Home Products, Inc.  Prior to joining RSI Cabinets, he was an Operating Executive for Oaktree Capital, a global asset management firm.  Previously, Mr. Chieffe served as President and CEO of Associated Materials Incorporated, a producer and distributor of windows, siding and other building products.  Before his time with Associated Materials, Mr. Chieffe held various executive positions with Masco Corporation, including Group Vice President of the Retail Cabinet Group.  He currently sits on the board of directors for Knape and Vogt and Dayton Superior Corporation.  He graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.