Headwaters’ Core Values:  CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

Headwaters looks for opportunities to increase efficiencies, preserve natural resources, and reduce costs throughout our operations. Continuous improvement is a path, and has become part of our culture, not a one-off project. The principles are integrated into all we do.

        Headwaters’ business units are committed to reducing waste. Below are some snapshots of waste reduction efforts implemented at the Company:

  • Replace mobile equipment with newer, more efficient vehicles and machinery
  • Recycle scrap material back into the manufacturing process
  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Install low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint systems
  • Increase recycled content of manufactured products

Headwaters’ business units are committed to consuming less material resources, energy and time, while producing enhanced solutions that are beautiful, efficient and long lasting. Consuming less material means products contain recycled content, are reusable, or can be recycled, thereby reducing waste and raw material needs. Many of our products offer a sustainable combination of lifetime warranty, beautiful color and never having to use paint, sealants, stains, or chemical cleaners. Such operational improvements and product innovations provide our customers with longer-lasting, environmentally friendly products found in the market today.