Headwaters’ Core Values:  CUSTOMERS

As everyone knows, if your company doesn’t have customers, it doesn’t have a business. The most successful businesses are those that teach existing employees, and new employees, their values and their culture. When it comes to Headwaters’ customers, creating a successful customer value proposition becomes key. First and foremost, this message must convey the value of your brand, products, and or services. It must also illustrate why Headwaters is better than any of its competitors.

Headwaters business strategy is a combination of revenue growth and improved profitability. The steps to success include:

  • Expand our product offering and services to our existing core customers through either internal R&D or smaller bolt-on acquisitions that add value to our customers. This allows Headwaters to place more products and services in the hands of our customers. 
  • Provide a total customer solution. We avoid competing on price, but instead, we compete by adding value to our customers throughout the total interaction with them.
  • Leverage our sales and marketing abilities through cross selling to customers. 

The commitment to our customers is key to Headwaters’ success. We continuously look for better ways to provide value-added brands and superior service.