Headwaters’ Core Values:  Employees

Headwaters is committed to its employees, not only professionally, but personally as well.   Headwaters understands the true value of helping its employees achieve a level of professional development, culture, innovation and creativity. The Company believes that by providing employees with opportunities to improve and grow not only produces a more positive and productive employee, but a more positive and productive workforce.

  • Long-term individual development is still the responsibility of each employee, but providing the culture to achieve professional develop ultimately lies within the organization itself. Headwaters believes that value creation lies with providing its employees with a culture of mutual trust, fairness, and honest treatment.  In today’s changing world, positions within an organization change frequently. Headwaters believes that it is for the benefit of every employee to invest in its human capital by providing meaningful work for everyone, and help support all employees who have the motivation to advance their careers.
  • In order to develop and retain talented employees, Headwaters has developed a compensation program with competitive total rewards. Headwaters also offers its employees generous health, welfare and retirement programs. These programs  are market competitive and are designed to help protect the health and welfare of employees and their families, as well as providing sustainable retirement benefits.