Headwaters’ Core Values:  SAFETY

Headwaters strives to send every one of its employees home safely every day. In our safety culture, there is only one acceptable goal: ZERO INCIDENTS.

Headwaters has developed a process which produces a culture that engages the entire workforce. We emphasize a proactive approach, and utilize continuous improvement for our goal of an injury free workplace. This is achieved by creating an employee-driven safety process using a bottom up approach, rather than top down.

Every Headwaters location participates in an employee led safety steering committee. These committees have received training in the tools necessary to drive the safety process. This process allows employees, along with coaching from site management, to proactively manage their own safety environment.

All incidents, including near misses and good catches, are investigated to determine the root cause. Corrective actions are then determined to do our best to ensure the same incident isn’t repeated. These actions include standardization and implementation of safe work procedures throughout the Company. Once every month the members of the affected steering committees review OSHA recordable incidents with Headwaters’ CEO and senior management.

It is only by involving every employee in the safety process that we can hope to achieve a ZERO incident rating.