Headwaters’ Energy Technologies is developing and deploying breakthrough technologies that improve natural resource utilization. Headwaters’  HCAT® technology is a proprietary, patented catalyst that improves residue hydrocracking, creating higher-residue conversion to lighter distillates such as diesel and gasoline.  Headwaters also has a process for converting coal into liquid fuels through its direct coal liquefaction technology.


HTI is a world leader of unique catalysts and technologies that provide energy products from low-value feedstocks. Our core technology — the HCAT® Process — is a proprietary and patented method for hydrocracking heavy residual oil. We also offer unique coal-to-liquids conversion technologies and hold patents on a broad range of nanotechnology-based catalysts and catalytic processes. Common technological features are energy efficiency and “green chemistry” which avoids unwanted byproducts and has low environmental impact. HTI’s diversified facility includes analytical laboratories, pilot-scale catalyst manufacturing equipment and process modeling capabilities in addition to the pilot plant operating units; all which meet, or exceed, environmental and safety standards.


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