Headwaters' Construction Materials segment represents the largest distributor of coal combustion products (CCPs), primarily fly ash, in the U.S. today.  Through the acquisition of Synthetic Materials LLC (SYNMAT) in fiscal 2016, Headwaters has also become a leader in the processing and managing of synthetic gypsum in the country.  Both fly ash and synthetic gypsum are by-products that are produced by burning coal at electric utility plants.  High quality fly ash is used primarily as a replacement for portland cement when producing concrete, and synthetic gypsum is used mainly in the production of wallboard products.  

Beginning in the December 2016 quarter, Headwaters' regional Texas block business, Headwaters Concrete Products, was moved from Headwaters' Building Products segment into Headwaters' Construction Materials segment.  The rationale behind the move was to form a cross-functioning team that can identify and leverage synergies and expertise that will reduce costs, increase operating margins, and increase profitability.

Fly Ash FAQs

Headwaters Construction Materials

Headwaters' Construction Materials (also known as Headwaters Resources) safely provides sustainable raw materials and products to the construction industry. Coal ash recycling is one of America’s greatest environmental success stories. Headwaters has long been a leader in coal ash recycling, managing and marketing more than 20 million tons of coal combustion products (annually) that would otherwise end up being discarded. Decades of experience transforming this byproduct into a strategic resource benefits infrastructure projects, the environment, and our economy.

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Headwaters Resources                         


For information about industry and individual response to proposed Federal regulation of coal combustion products, visit Citizens for Recycling First at www.recyclingfirst.org.


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Headwaters Plant Services

Headwaters Plant Services provides innovative management solutions for coal combustion products and other industrial residuals. Though America recycles more coal ash every year, tens of millions of tons remain unused and in need of management and control. For more than 20 years, Headwaters Plant Services has provided an array of services to electric utilities and industrial plants including: landfill design, construction, operation and closure, disposal pond operation and clean-outs, operation of pollution control equipment, and maintenance of heavy equipment plant site vehicles.

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Headwaters Plant Services

Headwaters Concrete Products

Headwaters’ Concrete Products is a concrete masonry leader in Texas. State-of-the-art concrete block manufacturing facilities located in Texas, and, to a lesser extent, in Louisiana, produce a wide range of concrete masonry units. Architects, contractors, distributors and homeowners can choose from a complete line of concrete products, including lightweight, normal, and heavy-weight block; foundation block; architectural block, segmental retaining wall units; and a diverse line of hardscape products.  Units are available in a variety of standard and customer colors, each with integral water-repellency.

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